Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maryland Assault Weapon Ban Dead in Committee

The Maryland Senate sub-committee reviewing the proposed AWB deadlocked in a 5-5 vote which means this bill will not come to a vote on the Senate floor. This effectively kills the measure for the year:


According to the article:

"Two Baltimore County Democrats - Sens. Norman K. Stone and James Brochin - joined three Republicans on the committee to kill the bill.

"'The only people we target in this bill are law-abiding citizens who use these guns for target shooting or competitions,'" Brochin said."

That’s at least partially correct – other uses of the weapons on the list (which was extensive) include self-defense and hunting. At least Mr. Brochin understands that the 2nd Amendment covers more than hunting – a common misconception these days! I also find it particularly encouraging that opposition to ineffectual and unconstitutional gun control laws is becoming bi-partisan with members of both parties voting against this legislation.

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