Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Surprise - MMM Condemns DC Gun Ban Overturn

In a move that I'm sure surprises no one, the DC Chapter of the "Million Mom March" - you know, the organization that marched on Washington in 2000 with ~750,000 for gun control, but only managed to draw 200 the next year - has condemned the recent ruling on the DC gun ban.

The MMM states:

"The court's decision deprives residents of the District the basic right of self determination in determining their own public safety laws," said Million Mom March President Ladd Everitt. "This is 'judicial activism' at its absolute worst."

I hate to tell them, but all laws are subject to judicial review - and only laws that are consistent with the Constitution are upheld.

They also allege "judicial activism". "Judicial activism" is a term typically used to describe rulings by a Court that effectively create new laws - or provide a radically new interpretation of legal precedent. In this case, a law has been overturned, not created. Nor is this a radically new interpretation of legal precedent. Even a cursory reading of the history of the Second Amendment demonstrates that this ruling if anything is as pure an interpretation of Founders' Intent as possible. Wikipedia has a very well referenced section on early interpretations of the 2nd Amendment here:

The MMM goes on to state in their press release:

"As part of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Million Mom March Chapters believe that all Americans have the right to be safe from gun violence in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, and places of work and worship."

While the Constitution is designed to "provide for the common defense" and "promote the general welfare", no where does the Constitution guarantee that its Citizens are going to be "safe". That is a promise that no government, no police force, no army, and no militia can live up to. Personal safety is a product of personal responsibility and self-awareness.

I do, however, note that in the Constitution the people's right to "keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." So it seems to me that the MMM and the Brady Campaign have at best a tenuous grasp on the scope of the Constitution, and the rights affirmed (not granted!) therein.

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Artemka said...

In the UK they banned all but a very few simple sporting shotguns.

The decent law abiding citizens handed theirs in, the criminals kept theirs.

The only people who have routine access to guns in the UK as the result of the ban are the military, the police and the criminals