Friday, March 16, 2007

Oregon - Range "Shut Down" Bill Goes to Ginny Burdick's Committee

Alert for everyone in Oregon. Oregon Senate Bill 1012, the upside of which would shut down virtually every Shooting Range in the state, is headed to Ginny Burdick's committee at this point. Thanks go out to the Oregon Firearms Federation for the heads up:

Here's the full text of the bill:

One of the more onerous clauses:

d) All firearms or other weapons that are brought onto the premises of the shooting range are recorded in a log book. The rangemaster shall cause to be recorded at least the following information:
(A) The make and model of the weapon;
(B) The caliber of the weapon;
(C) The name and address of the person bringing the weapon onto the premises; and
(D) The date and time that the weapon is brought onto the premises.

Wonder what the future plans for those log books are???

Remember to write your representative on this one:

I've already written mine! Oregon Firearms Federation had a suggested text that I expanded on just a bit in my letter:

I am writing today concerning Senate Bill 1012. This particular bill is extreme, unneeded and unwise. Everyone agrees that firearms safety is essential, and shooting ranges in Oregon have an admirable safety record. That record alone raises serious questions in my mind regarding the need for additional legislation in the first place. A reading of this bill confirms my fears that SB 1012 is not designed with safety in mind; it is rather designed to add regulations and strictures so onerous that they would effectively close virtually every range in the state. I urge you in the strongest terms to oppose this draconian and dangerous legislation.


l921428x said...

to me this seems like a backdoor attempt to register firearms of law abiding citizens. if not it is a blatant attempt to harass
and intimidate. this is just another attempt to, threaten some of the people, over which the gov. wants more control. you are the same people that wont let your kids compete in competitive sports,
because their feelings may get hurt. why dont you go away and NANNY someone else. you make me sick,you think the constitution is something you use in the restroom,
or hold up when it suits your agenda.

Fingolfen said...

I absolutely agree - it is a backdoor attempt at registration. I haven't seen any more about it since the original info came out, but I'm keeping my eyes open.