Tuesday, April 10, 2007

20/20 Wants Your Self-Defense Stories

The ABC news magazine 20/20 has put out a call for people’s self-defense stories. These aren’t just any self-defense stories, these are self-defense stories involving a firearm. From their site:

"Have you ever defended yourself from a crime in your home, in your business, or in public by using a gun? Perhaps you warded off a potential attacker by simply showing a gun?"

From the rest of the text of the call for input, it’s clear that they want to do a piece on concealed carry:

"40 states now allow their citizens to obtain conceal-carry permits for handguns. Some people say that's dangerous, while others say it allows them to protect themselves."

Hopefully this will be a piece that really tries to look at the facts and statistics behind concealed carry and not some thinly veiled attack on people with CCW’s or an attempt to “teach the controversy” in the absence of data. Apparently the NRA shares this concern as they’re asking members to copy them on stories submitted to ABC.

If the producers of 20/20 do their research, they’re going to discover that there are a lot of myths perpetuated by those opposed to the individual right to carry. Gun Facts has a great section that demonstrates that concealed carry laws decrease crime, that concealed carry permit holders are far less likely to be involved in crime, etc. The numbers presented there are amazing and clear cut. I really hope to see a lot of this information come out in the story.

There have been a lot of stories in the news demonizing gun owners as kooks and dangerous. This represents an opportunity to change that perception. I will be anxiously watching for the show when it airs and will provide a critique at that time.

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