Thursday, April 19, 2007

Official Numbers In - Stricter Gun Control NOT the Answer

As I reported yesterday, there was anecdotal evidence that despite the loud and frequent cries for additional gun control in the wake of the horrific events at Virginia Tech on many of the media outlets, the idea that greater gun control was needed didn’t seem to be playing well to America at large. I based this off of the largely non-scientific internet polls that had universally been against additional gun control legislation. Today sees the release of the official MSNBC-Zogby poll taken April 17-8 on MSNBC.

The poll itself asks two questions. The first question was:

"Would stricter gun control help prevent tragedies?"

59% NO
36% Yes
5% Not sure

Bearing in mind that the pro-gun control side generally gets a temporary bump after a tragedy like the one seen on Monday, these numbers bode very poorly for individuals wanting to push a stricter gun control agenda. It is also good news for pro-2nd Amendment organizations like the NRA and GOA that the message and facts are getting out and resonating with the general population.

The poll asked a second question:

"Would more people carrying guns help prevent tragedies?"

54% No
38% Yes
8% Not sure

The results here aren’t as good for the pro-2nd Amendment, but I honestly think Question 1 is more important than Question 2 at this point. Unfortunately the benefits of concealed carry are just now becoming apparent, and it looks like a lot of work still remains to get that message to the people.

The article goes on to break down the results by demographic – but the majority view in every demographic is that stricter gun control isn’t the answer. Expect to hear the presidential candidates start weighing in on this issue in the upcoming days.

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