Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gangs Don’t Want Americans to be Armed

Simple logic tells you that criminals prefer a disarmed populace. It makes their “job” a lot easier when they don’t have to account for the possibility that their victims will fight back. Well, now they’re taking it one step further. “Reformed” gang members are creating anti-gun groups, and what’s worse, these groups are getting FUNDING from local governments.

Case in point, this recent article from L.A. Weekly News detailing the story of Hector Marroquin, the founder of the “anti-gang” group “No Guns.” Turns out that Hector was in public promoting an anti-gun agenda all while selling firearms illegally to gang members.

Some very telling excerpts:

“FEDERAL ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS AGENTS knocked first, then entered the Downey home of purported anti-gang activist Hector Marroquin on Wednesday, arresting him for selling silencers and weapons — including three assault rifles and a machine gun — to an undercover ATF agent.

“Marroquin, an alleged associate of the prison-based Mexican Mafia, has grown accustomed to such intrusions, having been arrested many times over the years while at the same time being the founder and CEO of No Guns, which has received $1.5 million from Los Angeles City Hall via the much-criticized L.A. Bridges program designed by the Los Angeles City Council to keep youth out of gangs.”

This isn’t the only failure of the L.A. Bridges program – from the same article:

“However, a report by civil rights lawyer Connie Rice and independent audits have stated that L.A. Bridges, which has funneled more than $100 million to programs like No Guns, cannot show that it has reduced gang activity, and the city council lacks any meaningful measures for determining success. Just last week, another purported gang-member-turned-good, 30-year-old Mario Corona, with a group called Communities in Schools, also a recipient of L.A. Bridges money, was sentenced to 32 months in prison for transporting a large amount of methamphetamine and being a felon with a gun.”

So it appears as if the Los Angeles City Council is either criminally naive or thoroughly corrupt. Not only do they seem to be willing to give money to anyone who will badmouth the Second Amendment, they’re willing to give vast sums of money to members of the most violent gang in America today, and the Mexican mafia to boot. I’m sure L.A. is at a loss to understand why crime is so rampant in their city as well.

Hint: Stop abridging the rights of law-abiding citizens. Because of the tight and Unconstitutional limits on an individual’s right to carry in the city, L.A. has become a fertile breeding ground for gangs, drugs, and other crime. When the law-abiding are helpless, the lawless prosper. Maybe one of these years they’ll get the clue.

Until next time!