Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Celebrate your Civil Rights – Buy a Gun on August 28th!

This in from the Knox Report: The Firearms Coalition is joining other pro-Second Amendment groups to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s march on Washington DC by exercising our Second Amendment Rights.

According to the Knox report:

“Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling on citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights by participating in anti-gun/anti-violence protest marches in 25 cities nationwide on that day. The Firearms Coalition echoes that call to supporters of the Second Amendment, encouraging them to exercise their rights by purchasing a firearm or ammunition on August 28.”

As reported here on several previous occasions, Jesse Jackson just doesn’t seem to get it. He seems to think that being anti-violence equals being anti-crime which equals being anti-gun. Jackson mistakenly believes that if citizens are denied the use of firearms, the people will “live safe and secure.” In fact, quite the opposite is true, though we all agree that citizens have the right to “live safe and secure”. Jay Knox, Executive Director of The Firearms Coalition correctly notes:

“Mr. Jackson has made a valid point and we believe the best way to ensure that safety and security is for responsible citizens to have the means to defend themselves. The idea that all violence is bad is simply incorrect. Violence is sometimes the only way to stop evil and brutality. When used in this way, violence is an agent of good.” said Mrs. Knox

“Gunowners trust our fellow citizens and have no fear of them having the means to effectively engage in righteous violence when necessary. Martin Luther King preached and practiced non-violence, but he did so with armed Deacons around him and a loaded pistol in his pocket. It seems that Dr. King understood that the rights to arms and self defense are basic civil rights and were an integral part of the civil rights battle he waged.”

So it appears that Rev. Jackson is either ignorant of history or is simply a hypocritical demagogue. It was okay for Rev. King to be armed to protect himself from violence perpetrated on African Americans by white racists, but when economically depressed African Americans turn those same weapons on each other in gang warfare and rampant crime, then the gun is the problem? Sorry, I just don’t buy that. It seems to me that Jackson has found an issue that will garner him some support and he’s riding the gravy train.

So do your patriotic duty and purchase a firearm on the 28th! I’m thinking about picking up an XD9 for home defense myself…

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