Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jackson Facing Trial in Anti-Civil Rights Arrest!

In an update to a previous story, it appears that Jesse Jackson has asked for a jury trial in relation to criminal trespass charges levied against him. According to the AP (courtesy of Yahoo!) the trial is set for November 26th. Jackson still seems to be laboring under the delusion that if you get the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, you’ll save lives. They plan to escalate their campaign of protest at legal gun stores.

I just don’t understand why Jackson and others can’t see what is so blatantly obvious – the guns aren’t the problem – the GANGS are. You’ve got communities overrun with gangs and gang violence. Getting rid of the legal outlets for firearm purchase isn’t going to change that. It’s just going to mean that ONLY the gangs have the guns. The gang culture in Chicago has to change – and no attempts to limit the tool of their violence is going to make an impact.

Unfortunately solving the problem of gangs isn’t easy. You have to solve the problems of broken families, low education, unwed teen mothers, fathers in prison for drug convictions, no economic opportunity. Those are tough problems. Those are problems with no easy answer. Those are problems which require groups to take a hard look at themselves warts and all and admit that they are part of the problem. It’s much easier to scapegoat the tool used by the criminal. That’s something that doesn’t require introspection, that’s something that lets you play on decades old prejudices and not have to think too hard... So much for “leadership”.

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