Friday, October 12, 2007

Medford Teacher Clears Legal Hurdle

As an update to a story I brought you last month, Shirley Katz, the Medford Oregon teacher who is fighting for her right to carry a concealed handgun in class, has cleared a major legal hurdle. According to the Oregon Firearms Federation:

“The Medford school district filed a motion to dismiss our lawsuit protecting teachers' rights to carry a concealed handgunon school property. Yesterday,Jackson County Circuit Judge G. Philip Arnold dismissed the district's motion and allowed the case to move forward.”

This is a very important step as the case here pits state law against school district policy. A dismissal of the case would not have addressed that problem and would have, in effect, stated that a local policy can trump state law.

As expected, the case made by the school board plays all of the normal fear cards claiming that "school districts ... could be reduced to armed camps," but they singularly failed to address any tangible issues including basic Civil Rights (in this case the Second Amendment) and the fact that in the last year the ONLY guns that have been getting into schools have arrived in the hands of the wrong people – who then proceeded to carry out mindless atrocities with them. Atrocities which I firmly believe could have been mitigated or prevented by one law-abiding individual with a concealed handgun.

The Oregonian continues to cover the case, but bookends its story with the case presented by the school district. The tone of their most recent piece is a bit more balanced than previous works (especially on their editorial page).

This case will continue to bear close following – and I’ll post more updates as they are available.

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