Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blackpowder Targeted by New York

Many anti-Second Amendment proponents like to flippantly suggest that the Second Amendment should only apply to weapons available at the time the Amendment was written. Never mind how ludicrous that standpoint is for a moment, but honestly this author wonders who these people think they’re fooling. It’s a straw man, and it would be far more honest of them to assert their real beliefs that the public should be disarmed.

In that vein, the latest travesty to come out of New York is refreshingly honest in it’s unflinching aim – to regulate and eliminate all firearm ownership:

“New York has some of the toughest gun control laws on the books, but a new measure being debated in the state assembly would mandate that people who want to buy muzzle-loading pistols or muskets get a permit for ‘antique firearms.’

“According to State Assembly Bill A09543, introduced by Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) on Nov. 30, the measure would eliminate the exemption of antique firearms from regulation and licensing.....

“.....New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly called for stricter statewide gun regulations. "Anything you can put a bullet in" should require a permit, he said during a news conference. "I'm certainly a proponent for more regulations."

“Gianaris stated in his measure that it would "close this loophole" in state law by requiring those purchasing black powder rifles to be screened "in a manner consistent" with other New York gun restrictions.”

So there you have it – the “powers that be” in New York want to make sure that the public can’t freely own weapons that are MORE THAN 100 YEARS OLD!!! Clearly black powder and low capacity bolt action rifles represent a clear and present danger to their hold onto the reigns of power.

To any readers in New York – when are you going to stand up for your basic Civil Rights? These laws represent a cancer eating away at our basic liberties, and the cancer must be removed.

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Manco said...

Hey. First off, take a look at a map and see for yourself how small the 5 boroughs of NY City are in comparison to the rest of the state. It is a huge state with a great many counties that are not part of NY City. NY City is a part of the rest of the state. Second- I have an idea. Why don't all you "Republicans" living outside NY state try being a Republican in NY state before you tell me how I should "stand up", "do something about", "clean up", or whatever other dumb suggestion you have for me to do? Why don't all of y'all out in paradise stop sending us your welfare cases for us to support, and then become victim to their voting choice? How about that? It's nice having your roster stacked with all the cowards that ran out of here because they didn't want to stand and fight. We got all of your rejects that you sent us. I need you telling ME to stand and fight? I'm still here whether it's by choice or not. If you had any brains, you'd take us as an example of what you're in for. After this moron gives away the store to the savages, giving them voter amnesty comes next. You think they're voting Republican? How much longer do you think you'll be living in a Republican state? Then where will all you heros run? We're in the Alamo. We're surrounded and out-numbered. Get up off your ass and send help- not suggestions. And stop giving guns to the fucking indians!

Weeknredneck said...

Too late, I was told years ago by a major outdoor supplier that it was against the "law" to ship a muzzel loading BP pistol kit to NY State. They asked me if I had family in Pennsylvania because they could ship it there. Now it was actually only against their policy to ship to NY State because of NY City litigation laws (after talking to several supervisors of the poor agent that told me this) As a life long western NY resident - the big apple & down state politicians of all denominations are an unavoidable blight. What has actually already occured is you can no longer purchase actual black powder due to excessive. Pyrodex & other substitutes are availble but according to a major reloading distributer there are no longer any black powder retailes in the state. Thanks God for Pensylvannia!Anti gun groups have found it much easier to go after ammunition than guns.