Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dateline Arizona – Concealed Carry in the News!

A couple of really decent bills have been introduced in Arizona – and of course the anti-gun media in the State is having a conniption at the prospect of individuals being able to take care of themselves.

HB 2629, would “allow anybody who feels intimidated by another to respond by showing a gun, drawing it or announcing that he has a weapon or both.” Sounds like a common sense improvement to current concealed carry laws as it allows the citizen a legal intermediate step before the use of lethal force if the situation warrants.

Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, introduced SB 1214 on Feb. 15. This bill “would allow a person with a concealed-weapons permit to carry guns onto community college and university campuses.” Again, this seems like an excellent bill because it repeals “gun free zones” which have done nothing more than create victim smorgasbords for the criminally insane. Of course, the author of the op-ed piece doesn’t see it that way, but doesn’t offer anything to back up her assertions other than the police chiefs at the universities prefer a disarmed student body.

Then there’s SB 1400, which “holds any government agency, private organization or person that establishes a gun-free zone financially liable for damages that result from criminal gun conduct against a person in the zone. A person could file suit if he believes that possession of a firearm could have helped him defend against the criminal conduct. The damages would be tripled if someone under 16 or over 69 was affected.” Again, the author of the editorial arrogantly derides the legislation, but offers no data to refute the fact that gun-free zones have been at the center of EVERY recent firearms related massacre in the United States. Of all of the bills, I see this as the most important. “Gun free zones” take away the inalienable right of an individual to self-defense.

Comments to the op-ed piece have been harshly critical of the author, and even a poll on the site is running strongly in favor of allowing carry in what are now “gun free” zones. Those of you in Arizona – strongly support these bills. For the rest of us – time to work with our legislatures to emulate them!

Until next time!