Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DC Police Plan Illegal Raids

You think the DC police department sees the handwriting on the wall based on how the recent Heller case went? Now the Washington Times reports that the DC Metropolitan Police Department is kicking off a campaign to “randomly” target homes and “ask” to enter to look for “illegal guns”. My question is – how are they targeting homes? If they have probable cause, why not get a warrant? How are they going to determine if a gun is “illegal” or not? Of course, any handgun in DC is currently “illegal” – so maybe they’re hoping to disarm the public before the Heller decision comes out.

Surprisingly enough, the ACLU seems to be up in arms (pardon the pun) about this one. Not so much on 2nd Amendment issues, but because of 4th Amendment issues:

"We shouldn't make the next casualty of street violence cherished civil rights," said Johnny Barnes, director of American Civil Liberties Union of the National Capital Area. "We're very uncomfortable with police randomly banging on doors without probable cause asking for access."

It’s interesting that the ACLU is actually going door to door and distributing signs that say "To the Police: NO CONSENT TO SEARCH OUR HOME."

Even Marion Barry is opposed:

"D.C. Council member Marion Barry said the plan violates the Fourth Amendment, which bars illegal search and seizure. He also said it infringes on parental responsibility.

"If there's a parent who has a son who has a gun in the home and they know what to do, [then] they can call the police," said Mr. Barry, Ward 8 Democrat. "It's not that hard."

With the Heller decision due in June – expect more Constitutionally questionable actions from the DC Police and administration. Personally I don’t see how the DC Police department can justify this blatant violation of Civil Rights and I would like to see legal action taken against them.

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