Monday, March 31, 2008

Most Americans Support Gun Rights!

Just saw some good news courtesy of the NRA-ILA website. According to their press release here a recent Gallup poll has indicated that 73% of Americans believe (correctly) that the Second Amendment "guarantees the right of Americans to own firearms."

Other good tidbits:

The Gallup poll mirrors a CNN/Opinion research poll from December that indicated 65% of Americans believe the 2nd Amendment confers an individual right.

A Zogby poll indicated that two thirds of the American voting public doesn’t believe additional gun control legislation is needed.

In an election year, this is excellent news as it indicates that strongly anti-gun candidates will not be resonating with voters. On the down side, the 2nd Amendment hasn’t been at the forefront of the campaign and therefore the candidates aren’t talking about it very much. That’s dangerous because people will undoubtedly end up voting against their 2nd Amendment rights without realizing it.

Coming in future blogs – the candidates’ 2nd Amendment records!

Until next time!

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