Friday, April 4, 2008

Philadelphia Urging Clinton / Obama for Tough Anti-Gun Stance

It looks like the election season is finally heating up. With the Pennsylvania Primary just around the corner, the far left seems to smell blood in the water and believes that the Democratic Party doesn’t need Second Amendment supporters to win the 2008 general election. The Washington Times reports that leaders in Philadelphia will press Clinton and Obama for a tougher stance on gun control:

Gun violence in Philadelphia — 331 homicides from gunfire in 2007 — thrust firearms laws to the top of the agenda for city voters, and they don't care about the potential political pitfalls for the presidential candidates, said Carol Campbell, a Democratic ward leader in the city.

"If you can't deal with it, then you've got a problem," said Mrs. Campbell, who supports Mr. Obama and heads an alliance of black ward leaders.

Again it looks like the Big City machine is pushing the lie that more gun control equals less gun violence. I’ve got news for them, the opposite is true. Interestingly enough some Democrats are hostile to Philadelphia’s push for a stronger anti-Second Amendment platform:

Democratic ward leader Ralph Wynder, who is supporting Mr. Obama, said the candidates should address the pressing issues, but conceded that backing Philadelphia's push for tougher gun laws would be "political suicide."

"You are probably going to be damaged goods in the state," Mr. Wynder said.

Unfortunately it looks like they’re not so much hostile to the position because of their support for the Second Amendment, but because it might cost them votes. Hypocrites much??? Now is the time to put the pressure on so the entire nation recognizes the clear threat to the Second Amendment that both Democratic hopefuls represent.

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