Thursday, April 17, 2008

Philadelphia’s Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Laws Blocked!

Philadelphia Pennsylvania – the city that hosted the Constitutional Convention of 1787 where the U.S. Constitution was drafted has descended from its lofty grounding in liberty to become one of the municipalities leading the assault on the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Recent unconstitutional laws were passed with great fanfare by the Philadelphia City Council to the cheers to the extreme left machine. These laws included:

Permit authorities to seek a judge's order to remove guns from people declared to be a risk to themselves or others.

Ban people who are subject to a protection-from-abuse order from owning guns.

Require gun owners to report to police theft or loss of a gun within 24 hours of the discovery.

Ban possession or sale of assault or contraband firearms within city limits.

Limit firearm purchases to one a month and require buyers to obtain a police certification that they have not purchased another firearm within the previous month.

How many inalienable rights can one city violate with one stroke of the pen? Obviously several. These laws were not only immediately challenged in court, but District Attorney Lynne Abraham advised the council that the ordinances were unconstitutional. Clearly Mayor Nutter and the rest of the nutters on the council don’t seem to care about individual Rights and Liberties when it gets in the way of their agenda.

The good news is today that the Philadelphia County court imposed a temporary restraining order against these laws A hearing on a permanent injunction is currently scheduled for April 28th.

Quite frankly, I grow weary of the attempts of the anti-Second Amendment crowd to violate the basic individual freedoms of Americans rather than addressing the real criminal issues. Firearms have become the scapegoat for so many of this nation’s problems. More people are killed in automobile accidents than are killed with firearms, yet I don’t see anyone supporting an “assault car ban” or a ban on vehicles capable of traveling at more than 100MPH. When a drunk driver kills someone, I don’t see anyone suing Ford or requiring the addition of chemical additives to gasoline so we can track where the perpetrator filled up. Yet analogous efforts have been made concerning firearms rather than attacking the causes of the crimes: drugs, gangs, lack of good jobs, the culture of poverty.

Maybe Philadelphia will wake up and start dealing with the real problems, but quite frankly I believe they’re waiting until after the 2008 elections when potentially a court more receptive to their Anti-Civil Rights agenda is available.

One more reason to vote in November!

Until next time!

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