Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heads Up: Gun Facts 5.0 Now Online!

Gun Facts is one of the best sources on the internet for debunking the miasma of BS spewed by the anti-Second Amendment crowd. For anyone looking for solid, reliable data on guns, crime, and the law, this is the place. Version 5.0 is available for download here:

You can download a screen, print, or press version free of charge. There is also a link to purchase a printed copy for your library. Check it out!!!


Tennreb said...

With each new version of Gun facts, the Info just keeps getting Better and Better. I find Gun Facts to be educational reading for not only the Gun Owner, but a valuable tool to educate Anti-Gun people ( Those that will listen ), who base their opinions on the opinions of others---Not the Facts.

Fingolfen said...

Agree with you 100%. It's one of the best resources I've seen to help people who are willing to think about the issue reason through it!