Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Mosin Love

Looks like I picked a good month to make the Mosin Nagant the “rifle of the month” – everyone else seems to have had the same idea. I mentioned the article in American Rifleman in an earlier blog – now Shotgun News is getting in on the action. David Fortier tests the M91/30, M38, and M44 in the June 10th issue of the magazine. The article is called “Those Wonderful Mosins”, and it starts on page 14.

The six page article is written, like most Shotgun News articles, from a shooter’s standpoint. It covers a little bit of the history of each of the three rifles, the physical dimensions of each rifle, the mechanics of each rifle, and how the shoot (trigger pull, accuracy, etc.). Several photographs of the rifles and shooting positions are included, although of relatively low quality because of the newsprint style printing of shotgun news.

Also included are a quick specifications chart, an accuracy and velocity chart compiled from Fortier’s tests, and a sidebar on “feeding your Mosin”. David concludes that the Mosin Nagant isn’t the best bolt action rifle out there, and he’d prefer an Enfield in a fight, but “for an interesting plinker, sturdy brush gun or rugged truck rifle the current crop of surplus Mosin-Nagants are hard to beat for the price.” Not a bad endorsement for an over 60 year old rifle that’s already been through one war. He does, however, leave out the historical aspect of collecting the Mosin Nagant, but then again, he’s not generally writing for collectors!

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