Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Upcoming Rally in Chicago

Chicago – home of the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and some of the most anti-Second Amendment politicians and laws in the entire United States. It’s about the last place on earth that you’d expect to see a PRO-Second Amendment rally. Yet that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The Illinois State Rifle Association and IllinoisCarry.com are jointly hosting the event. The rally is planned for 11AM to 1PM on July 11th, 2008. Dr. Suzanna Hupp, former member of the Texas House and Second Amendment advocate, will be the featured speaker. Dr. Hupp is an extremely appropriate choice for a rally in Chicago as she is a survivor of the incident at Luby’s restaurant which could have been stopped by one individual with a concealed handgun – a handgun that Hupp had in her car but because of then-current Texas law she couldn’t bring into the establishment.

I sincerely hope that this rally is a major success – unfortunately I’m too far away to attend this one. I hope we see more rallies like this going forward. It’s a first baby step along the way, and I expect a large counter-protest to be orchestrated by the anti-Second demagogues in Chicago.

The key to upholding and protecting the Second Amendment is education of the People with the facts surrounding the right to keep and bear arms. Another key is not ceding any territory to those who would gut the Bill of Rights – and that includes large cities like Chicago, DC, LA, and New York.

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