Monday, June 30, 2008

Update: Some Chicago Area Bans Falling Without Lawsuits!

As reported earlier, the NRA has targeted the Chicago-area bans on handguns as a next step after the positive Heller decision. The reaction thus far has been fairly mixed with the Chicago Tribune at one extreme calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment (taking the view that the Second Amendment “grants” rather than “affirms” our right to keep and bear arms). Other parties have been far more reasonable, like Morton Grove, IL which is just north of Chicago. According to a recent story on NPR:

Village Manager Joe Wade says Morton Grove isn't going to wait for a court battle. It's going to act.

"The village of Morton Grove has every intention to comply with [the Supreme Court ruling]," Wade says. "We're going to propose an ordinance that would eliminate the possession-of-handgun ban within the village."

Unfortunately the views of Morton Grove’s leaders are not typical, the same story quote Tom Barwin, a former police officer from the Detroit greater metro area and the current village manager in Oak Park:

"It's just completely befuddling that our Supreme Court would be in alliance with the gangbangers,"

Sorry Tom, it’s not the ‘gangbangers’ that the Supreme Court is supporting, it’s LAW ABIDING AMERICANS who have been DENIED THEIR RIGHTS. The sooner people like Mr. Barwin get that simple fact through their “collective” skulls, the better for all Americans.

The NPR piece also updated the status on the DC decision, interviewing Stephen Holbrook, an outside counsel for the NRA:

For instance, he said, Washington, D.C., officials suggested after the ruling that residents wouldn't be able to legally own semiautomatic handguns.

That's not acceptable, Holbrook says.

"The Supreme Court decision refers to handguns generally — not just revolvers," he points out. He says that means it applies to semiautomatic handguns as well, adding that there may be more semiautomatic handguns in use right now in the U.S. than there are revolvers.

And he predicts that if Washington, D.C., tries to use its zoning powers to keep handgun dealers out, that won't work either.

"It would be like if they banned books in D.C. and they told them they couldn't do that, so they banned bookstores," he says.

The legal challenges to the nation’s Unconstitutional gun laws are just beginning, but there are at least a few hopeful signs. Unfortunately the shrilly vocal gun control minority remains entrenched in many, mainly urban, bastions. It will take years, if not decades, to undo the damage their ill-conceived and illogical bans have caused. It will also take years to see the benefits of a Society where the Second Amendment once again functions as intended.

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