Friday, July 25, 2008

Avoid Greg Martin Auctions

They used to be a pretty good deal, but now they're off the frikkin deep end. Picked up a nice Finned Sesty from them - got what I thought was a pretty good deal $150 for the rifle, plus their hammer fee and shipping/handling I ended up paying $194 for the rilfe - which is a fair price for the piece. I was happy, but oh no, what I thought was the shipping hand handling fee ($20) was just their PACKING fee... they still wanted another $25 for shipping. I already have the rifle, so I half considered telling them to eat it or sending it back to them... but I went ahead and ponied up the cash and indicated I wouldn't do business with them again. Between their hammer fee, outrageous packing fee, and shipping charges, they're basically adding a $70 surcharge on a $150 rifle. Sorry - I will take my money elsewhere...

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