Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It’s Back to Court We Go...

The NRA and Heller are going back to court! The ink was barely dry on the Supreme Court decision ending DC’s gun ban, when DC passed the “Firearms Control Emergency Amendment Act of 2008”. That’s right, ban one was struck down, so they passed an “emergency” act (which they can renew every 90 days to avoid Congressional scrutiny) to dodge the Supreme Court’s decision.

From NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox:

"The District of Columbia's so-called 'emergency regulations' prohibit law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their loved ones in their own homes. The Mayor and City Council have proposed a list of regulations that violate the Supreme Court's decision."

NRA-ILA provides this analysis:

“The Supreme Court explicitly articulated that handguns are constitutionally-protected, yet the District's Firearms Control Emergency Amendment Act of 2008 bans all semi-automatic handguns and requires any firearm in the home to be disassembled, unloaded and secured by locking devices unless there is an "immediate" threat of violence, even for innocuous purposes such as cleaning.”

Again, this pretty much says what I said a few weeks ago. DC creates their own definitions to suit their one and only goal – to prevent law abiding Americans from exercising their Constitutionally affirmed Second Amendment rights. In my opinion the DC government and police department is criminally violating the Civil Rights of the residents of DC, and they have categorically violated their oaths to uphold the law. The Constitution is the supreme law in the land, and they’re using it as toilet paper.

The sad thing is that I see no criminal charges being brought against them by the Attorney General of the United States. I see no grand jury being called. I see no indictments being handed down. It’s a frightening time to see elected officials not only flagrantly violating the Civil Rights of their constituents but openly defying the Supreme Court of the United States – and suffering absolutely no consequences. The inaction of the Attorney General and the courts on this issue sets a dangerous precedent, and I hope that in the final reckoning there will be consequences for these individuals with no respect for our inalienable rights and the rule of law.

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