Saturday, August 9, 2008

Run, Do not Walk, to Your Bookstore

Here in Oregon we have one of the best independent book stores in the entire country, Powell’s Books . My wife and I were there last night when I came across one of their Staff picks, America Fights Back – Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman. I had to do a double take, as most of the staff picks are fairly left-leaning, and the left has not been friendly to the Second Amendment in recent years. I was therefore very surprised to see a “Staff Pick” that seemed to be unabashedly pro-Second Amendment. I picked up the book and I can heartily recommend it to ANYONE.

Finally there’s a book that covers not only the Second Amendment, but the myths of gun control, ‘gun free zones’ with hard facts that must be giving the Brady Campaign and other anti-Second Amendment groups nightmares. While it’s not a comprehensive look at the case supporting the individual right to keep and bear arms, this one hits the high points nicely with examples taken directly from today’s headlines. The chapters of the book include “The Deterrent Factor”, “Stopping Rape and Abuse”, “Fighting Media Bias”, “Gun Free Folly”, and “The Insanity of Public Disarmament”.

The credentials of the authors are solid as well. Alan Gottlieb is the publisher of Gun Week. He’s also the Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation (among many other active roles to protect our Civil Rights). Dave Workman is the senior editor of Gun Week and spent nine years as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

This is a book that needs to be read by everyone in America as it deals with the reality of violence and gun ownership in America. A reality that far too many in the media fail to recognize, even in light of the recent Heller decision – to the extent of calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. This book shows not only how incorrect, but how dangerous their Pollyanna notions of ending the violence by disarming the public are. Run, do not walk, to your bookstore and pick this one up!

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