Monday, August 25, 2008

Texas School District Gets Governor’s Approval on Gun Plan!

In an update to a previous blog entry, MSNBC is reporting that Texas Governor Rick Perry supports the Harrold Independent School Districts policy to allow employees to carry concealed firearms in the districts schools. Looks like we have yet another win for TRUE “common sense” gun laws. At a news conference in Austin, Governor Perry indicated:

"There's a lot of incidents where that would have saved a number of lives."

It looks like the fiction of a “gun free zone” is finally starting to fade, at least in baby steps. Incidents like Columbine and Virginia Tech occur not because of a lack of gun control measures, but rather BECAUSE OF the gun control measures. Creation of a ready supply of unarmed people merely creates a flock of victims which no security or police force can adequately protect.

MSNBC is also running one of their unscientific polls on the topic – and the results when I voted were surprising:

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at school? * 4851 responses

* Yes. Any teacher should be allowed to decide if he/she needs to carry a gun - 60%

* Yes, but only in the country's most dangerous school districts - 5.7%

* No. Guns have no place in schools - 34%

It looks like at least 6/10 Americans have the right idea – though there is still the diehard 1/3rd. Granted, the poll is unscientific, but in the not so distant past even these “unscientific” polls ended up heavily skewed toward the “gun ban” side of the equation.

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Hall Monitor said...

This story made! It's the leader for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Fingolfen said...

Will have to check the site out... does it include kids getting suspended for drawing a picture of a gun (which is perhaps the craziest headline I've seen coming out of schools recently)?