Friday, August 8, 2008

World War II Ballistics in Handloader Magazine

Friend of mine gave me a copy of the August-September 2008 issue of Handloader Magazine. You can get a preview PDF online, but this issue is a must for any fan of World War II military surplus rifles. Starting on page 42 is a great article by Mike Venturino on hand loading cartridges that reasonably mimic World War II Military Loads.

All of the usual suspects are included from the ubiquitous .30-06, to the .303 British, 8x75mm German Mauser, 7.62x54R Soviet, and even the 6.5mm and 7.7mm Japanese. Sorry Italian fans, no 6.5mm Carcano or 7.35mm Carcano. Mike details the variations in bore diameter that make hand loading for a military surplus rifle challenging (including the fact that most reloading guides call for .308 bullets for 7.62x54R when most should really be .311).

All in all this is a neat article with lots of recipes and shot groupings achieved with the various loads. I’m planning on trying out some of these (or variations of them) soon as I’m always tweaking the loads in my M1 Garand, Nagants, and others.

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