Thursday, September 4, 2008

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Disagree With Obama

Here’s one that the media outlets pretty much made sure was filed in the circular bin. According to a recent ATI-News / Zogby poll released by the Associated Press when asked various firearm and Second Amendment questions, a strong majority of Americans disagree with Obama’s positions. Some examples from the poll:

“In 2005, Senator Barack Obama voted in favor of legislation sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) that would have banned nearly all rifle ammunition used for hunting and sport shooting.”

The poll results:

“Seventy-seven percent of likely voters said they oppose legislation to ban such commonly used ammunition, while only nine percent said they would support such a ban. A strong majority of Democrats (58 percent), Republicans (92 percent) and Independents (84 percent) all oppose the ammunition ban that Obama supported -- as do 79 percent of military families. (This nationwide poll of 3,825 likely voters was conducted August 27-29 and has a margin of error +/- 1.6 percentage points.)”

It’s bad when Obama doesn’t even score a majority with his own party. It’s not surprising that Republicans disagreed with him, but the all-important independent vote squarely disagreed with him on this one.

Another good one, self-defense:

"As an Illinois State Senator in 2004, Barack Obama voted against legislation that protects citizens, who use firearms in self-defense in their home or business in spite of local gun bans, from prosecution."

The poll asked likely voters: "Do you agree or disagree that you have the right to use deadly force as a means of self-defense in your home, without having to retreat?"

"Eighty-eight percent of likely voters agree that they should have this basic right to self-defense, while only eight percent disagreed. An overwhelming majority of Democrats (83 percent), Republicans (90 percent) and Independents (91 percent) all agree. (This nationwide poll of 974 likely voters was conducted August 15-18 and has a margin of error +/- 3.2 percentage points.)"

Granted, the connection here is a little more tenuous. The Obama vote wasn’t specifically on castle doctrine, but rather on castle doctrine where there are gun bans in effect. However, because Obama voted against the legislation, it strongly implies that he believes that individuals who DO use deadly force to defend themselves in areas with a gun ban SHOULD be prosecuted. That’s unconscionable in my opinion.

The article also includes a link to a poll that lets you compare your responses to Obama’s positions across the board. Honestly, the poll has some flaws. First it’s a push poll in a lot of areas, and over-simplifies a few issues, but it’s an interesting mental exercise. Check it out at I disagreed with Obama about 81% of the time, which sounds about right. I tend to be more moderate on abortion rights and a few other areas.

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