Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin and Class III

Last week I was cautiously optimistic about McCain’s pick of Palin as his running mate. This week brings a revelation that begins to flash out her views on the 2nd Amendment. Michael Dukes shares his thoughts courtesy of The War on Guns blog:

"Let me say right up front that my opinion here will be biased because Sarah is a friend. I met her for the first time about six years ago when she was running for Lt. Governor of Alaska. She's been on my radio show many times and with the help of listeners here in our home town she was elected to office by an overwhelming margin.

"With that out of the way I'll tell you this.

"Sarah is real.

"She is an honest genuine person. She truly cares about Alaskans and the people of her community. She dared to take on the Republican party here, and took that fight straight to the people. She's called for the resignation of the Head of the Alaskan Republicans and forced the former Attorney General to resign by bringing his corrupt actions to light. She has been a crusader for eliminating the 'Good Ol'Boy' politics.

"And as far as the 2nd Amendment goes, let me tell you a little story.

"About a year ago a friend of mine, who is a local Class III Dealer, called me complaining about how our local Trooper detachment was delaying or just outright refusing to sign several Form 1 transfers that had been submitted to them. These transfers were from a couple of Class III Dealers and other Class III holders.

"I started to make some calls and after getting nowhere with the Troopers, I finally called Sarah. Although she was extremely busy she told me that she would look into it and get back to me. I thought 'well that'll take some time', but it was only 2 or 3 days later that right in the middle of my talk show I get this call out of the blue from the Commissioner of Public Safety! He tells us that the Governor had spoken to him and made if very clear that the Troopers should be doing what they are legally obligated to do, and that he apologized personally for the locals not doing it.

"Long and the short, no more problems with transfers.

"We're gonna hate to lose Sarah, we need her to help get us back on track to prosperity. But I think the country needs her more.

"Now I can vote for McCain, without having to hold my nose so hard.

"Go Sarah!!


For those of you who don’t know, a Class III firearm is generally a fully-automatic or select fire weapon. These weapons are only legal to own if they are transferable (i.e. pre-86) and the applicable tax stamps have been applied for and received. Unfortunately even in Class III legal (and gun friendly) states, the paperwork has a tendency to get “lost”, “misplaced”, or “otherwise delayed” by the local law enforcement officers who signature is required before the ATF can process the tax stamp.

For Sarah Palin to go out of her way to stand up for the 2nd Amendment rights of those seeking to purchase a Class III weapon answers many of my previous questions about her overall view on the right to keep and bear arms. This goes way beyond so-called “assault weapons” and actually covers the real thing. From a Second Amendment standpoint, McCain couldn’t have done better based on what I’ve seen so far from Palin.

It’ll be interesting to see where the race goes from here, but if the 2nd Amendment is an issue, McCain-Palin win hands down.

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