Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Now Anti-FIRST Amendment Too!!!

As if his stance on the Second Amendment wasn’t bad enough, now Obama is taking aim at the First Amendment as well. Why? Because the NRA had the temerity to point out his abysmal record on Second Amendment issues! The NRA has been running political ads in several states which point out Obama’s record and position on Second Amendment issues. In response, the Obama campaign and the DNC have attempted to have the spots PULLED from the airwaves claiming that they’re inaccurate and take the heavy handed approach of threatening to have FCC licenses pulled if the stations do not comply.

The letter the DNC provides includes “proof” that the NRA ads are in error. Unfortunately that “proof” is not worth the paper it is written on (or the pixels it is comprised of). They include citations from which are quite frankly wrong . FactCheck ironically is not “checking facts” these days – it is serving as a Political Front for the same group that funds the Brady Campaign.

The NRA has sent a rebuttal letter to the stations. Hopefully the stations will stand up to blatantly anti-Civil Rights Chicago machine politics of the Obama Campaign. Make no mistake, Obama seems determined to lie his way to the Presidency, and your Second (and now First) Amendment rights are at stake.

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