Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anti-Second Obama Administration Takes Form

As feared before election day, Obama’s cabinet is rapidly shaping up to be a “who’s who” of anti-Second Amendment advocates. First announced was the partisan Chicago Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel – an individual who won the Brady Campaign’s Visionary Award in 2007. He is a strong proponent of just about any gun control measure floated, including so-called “assault weapon bans”. It’s amazing in this day of information that opponents of the Second Amendment can successfully equate semi-automatic rifles with fully automatic rifles in the general consciousness of a significant segment of the population.

Next came Obama’s first choice for Attorney General – Eric Holder. Holder is yet another incremental gun banner. Some of his positions:

"I want to add my voice to those who are calling on Congress to finally -- to finally -- pass these very common-sense gun measures.

"First, to require child safety locks for all handguns that are sold.

"Second, to ban violent juveniles from ever having the ability to own guns.

"Third, to pass the president's handgun licensing proposal, which requires safety certification for all handgun purchasers.

"Fourth, to support research in smart-gun technology, which can limit a gun's use to its authorized owner.

"And finally, to close the gun show loop hole by requiring a background check for all gun purchases at gun shows."

Translation, I want to make guns effectively illegal because point four above is impossible to achieve, and furthermore blames the tool for the action of the user.

America has voted for "change", and it looks like the first change we’re going to see is the effective castration of the Bill of Rights to remove that pesky Second Amendment. Now more than ever is the time to join NRA, GoA, and other organizations that will stand up for your Second Amendment rights. Now is the time to prepare to stand up for your own rights as well – write your Representatives and other elected officials – be ready to challenge unconstitutional laws in Court. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," and based on the way the next administration is shaping up, we are going to have to be vigilant indeed. Otherwise the hard won gains of the past few years will evaporate as we take several steps backward.

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