Monday, November 24, 2008

How’d I Miss This One – Handgun Against an Army

A friend on a non-gun forum posted a link to this article - "A Handgun Against An Army -- Ten Years After" by Mike Vanderboegh. The article came out near the end of July, and somehow I completely missed it. It’s a long discussion that represents an update of an article penned 10 years ago, with editorial corrections.

The portions about tyranny and the Second Amendment being put in place to defend against it are excellent, as is the analogy to A Bug’s Life (yes, the Pixar film). It makes a very timely case for individuals understanding that the government is the servant of the people, not vice versa. It also makes another timely tie between the movement to disarm the American populace and long-established patterns of tyranny. It’s a great read, and I encourage everyone to go peruse!

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