Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brightwater Thieves Arrested

According to The Oregonian, the perpetrators of the burglary of a local Vancouver firearms store have been apprehended. Brightwater Ventures had reported a total of 130 firearms stolen, of those, 124 have been recovered.

The break in the case came when a 15-year-old was discovered with one of the stolen firearms at his school. Authorities arrested the 15-year-old and his older brother Christopher Aguon, 21, of Vancouver as well as a 17-year-old and 20-year-old (not named in the story) in connection with the robbery.

Hopefully all of these individuals will have the book thrown at them. It is people like these that represent the greatest danger to our Second Amendment rights. They also prove the adage that gun control laws only impact the lawful. Thieves and criminals have no regard for the law and other people’s property. In the wrong hands these firearms could have done a great deal of damage. Fortunately most (if not all) of them are now back in the owner’s hands.

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