Tuesday, December 30, 2008

February 2009 Guns and Ammo Review

The latest issue of Guns and Ammo magazine is hitting stores now. Some cool stuff in this issue. There’s an “antiques and collectables” quiz. I managed 9/10 on it. It’s a fun quiz covering mostly American firearms.

The “Gun Room” has some interesting C&R questions this time around. First one that caught my eye was on regarding a Carcano cavalry carbine (they guy thought it might be WW1, but it sure sounds like a WW2 gun, though the article doesn’t definitively state one way or another – it just gives advice on how to narrow it down). There’s also a good one about a M1911A1 pistol that was the individual’s father’s weapon during WW2 – and there’s a good chance that it might have been at Pearl Harbor on December 7th. G&A indicates the value (already at ~$2100) could double with documentable provenance. Documenting provenance is very difficult though, and I generally advise people to buy the weapon not the story. Another individual wrote in about a 1917 Smith and Wesson revolver. Now there’s a pistol I’d love to own. . .

There’s also an article on the XDm 9 with its 19+1 configuration. I’ve got one of these pistols, and I really love the ergonomics. Unfortunately with the weather I haven’t been able to take it out to the range yet. Depending on the ammo used, the were able to get 2.5 to 4.0 inch groups, and they indicated that the sidearm can easily handle +P and +P+ ammunition, really increasing the utility of the 9mm caliber.

There’s also a great article on the Spencer repeating rifle. I’m usually more of a WW2 buff, but the Civil War and post Civil War era is becoming increasingly interesting to me (there’s this reproduction Sharps rifle in 45-120 that I’ve drooled over on many occasions, but I digress). The cool part is they get one of the real things out and do a range test. I’m now officially jealous of these guys!

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