Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama Says Not to Stock Up on Guns!

Wonder if he’s afraid they won’t actually be able to track them all down...

According to a recent article from the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said that Americans don’t need to rush out and stock up on firearms before he’s sworn into office. According to the article Obama indicated:

"I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment. Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear. I said that throughout the campaign. I haven't indicated anything different during the transition. I think people can take me at my word."

Sure, that makes it all better – let’s just ignore your track record in Illinois, ignore your track record in the Senate, ignore your picks for your administration, and ignore the insulting question you included in your staff questionnaire. I’m sorry, Mr. Obama, your credibility on this issue is already below zero and losing ground fast.

If you really want to win over “lawful gun owners” promise NOT to enact an assault weapon ban, promise NOT to enact the draconian “ammunition accountability act”, promise NOT to require universal firearm registration, promise to rein in the abuses of the BATFE. Otherwise, stop wasting your breath on obviously false propaganda.

The Brady Campaign’s comments on the issue were predictably condescending. Peter Hamm, designated mouthpiece for the aforementioned freedom-haters club, states:

"We don't dispute [the gun sales hike] because the numbers from the federal system certainly confirm that there is increased activity out there. We just think it's a bit stupid. Anyone who thinks they need to rush out and buy a firearm clearly has not been paying attention to how quickly we make progress on this issue. We don't think these are first-time buyers. We think they are people who already have more than enough guns at their homes to protect themselves and are buying more."

Oooooh SNAP! Americans are now “stupid” because they want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Way to win friends and influence people there Peter. I’m certain that many existing gun owners have taken this opportunity to add to their collections, but based on personal experience from gun shows, there are a lot of new people out there as well.

Simply because it might take Obama and the Brady Campaign “time” to shred the Bill of Rights is no reason to sit by complacently. In fact, that seems to be what they want us to do. Remember – they can’t take away our freedoms, no matter what unconstitutional “law” they pass – we can only choose to give them up. The next several years will require the utmost in effort on our parts, but I am certain we are equal to the coming trials.

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