Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scammers Now Hitting Gun Auction Sites

Just a heads up, it looks like the scam artists are now hitting the gun auction sites. I was an unsuccessful bidder on a Type 14 Pistol (yeah, I’m a Japanese weapon freak – so sue me!), and received an email saying I could “make an offer” on the pistol. First tip off was the name on the email didn’t match the name of the seller. Second tip off is I was about four bidders down on the list, so any “second chance” offer should have come through the system and would have gone through several users before it got to me. I played along just to see where it would go and simply reiterated my high bid on the item. Sure enough it comes back with a “I accept, it includes all taxes and shipping” etc., please give me all this information (name, address, COUNTRY, *snort*). Anyway, the offending party, "Barbosa" barbosa989 (at) gmail (dot) com, has been reported to Auction Arms.

Remember, if you get a suspicious email, save them and forward them to the fraud protection emails of the appropriate web sites. . .

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