Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seattle Rebuffs Anti-Gun Mayor

As reported by this blog in an earlier entry, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has proposed numerous restrictions on firearms in the city, including bans in parks and other areas. I hoped that they people of Seattle would stand up to this blatant attack on both the Second Amendment and the Washington State Constitution as well. Apparently that’s exactly what happened. According to The Seattle Weekly’s online edition over 150 people showed up a City Hall, with a "vast majority sporting fashionable anti-Nickels buttons provided by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

Not only could the Mayor himself not be bothered to show up to this hearing, instead sending Alex Fryer as his designated mouthpiece, but Mr. Fryer went so far as to suggest that the majority of the opposition came from outside the city, and that "…we believe this has a lot of support from the community."

The Mayor and Mr. Fryer’s "belief" aside, the numbers seem to tell a far different story. According to the article:

"Twenty-two individuals signed up to speak in favor of Nickels' rule change whereas more than 60 spoke against. Of these, roughly half, or more, lived inside Seattle and most of the rest claimed to visit or work in the Emerald City on a regular basis."

Not only do the numbers not seem to support the unconstitutional moves of the Mayor, but perhaps more encouraging is the range of demographics speaking out against the move:

"There were healthy numbers of liberals and progressives, environmentalists and community activists mixed in with Republicans and Libertarians who were opposed to the notion that, despite being licensed to legally carry a concealed firearm, they'd be forced to walk unarmed in city parks while gang members, stalkers and sundry other criminals are free to pack heat."

The left always likes to talk about the virtues of multi-culturism and bi-partisan efforts, and it looks like in this case the broadest base of people do NOT support these moves by the Seattle Mayor’s office. Even those who spoke in favor of the measure admitted that the bans would not have prevented numerous recent high-profile attacks in the city, nor would they be likely to prevent such attacks in the future. The author then draws the logical conclusion:

"Which begs the question, and was asked numerous times by audience members, if the ban on guns in public places wouldn't have prevented these high-profile murder cases, and if it won't dissuade actual criminals from having firearms or 'deadly weapons' in public places, what is the point of having a ban at all? "

That of course is the operative question, and it is the question we all have been trying to get the anti-Second Amendment community to answer for decades. From Los Angeles, to DC, to Chicago, to New York, gun bans have created nothing more than the illusion of safety while turning law-abiding individuals who take their own self protection seriously into criminals and letting the real criminals murder, rape, and steal at will with a tailor made supply of disarmed victims. Hopefully Mayor Nickles will rethink his unconstitutional positions. If not, perhaps the people of Seattle will decide someone who respects their rights and liberties deserves the job instead.

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