Sunday, December 7, 2008

Still Don’t Believe Obama’s Anti-Second???

If the latest abomination doesn’t convince you, then I am forced to conclude that nothing short of the feds showing up at your home with confiscation papers in hand will. Let’s recap the situation so far:

Rahm Emanuel – soon to be Chief of Staff, Clinton point man on gun control.

Hillary Clinton – soon to be Secretary of State, avowed Second Amendment opponent, soon to have the power to negotiate our Second Amendment away through treaty with the UN.

Tom Daschle – soon to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, another avowed Second Amendment opponent, soon to have the power to declare firearms and ammunition (which contains lead!) a public health threat and attack them from that avenue.

Eric Holder – soon to be Attorney General, opposes the Heller decision and is a proponent of sweeping gun bans.

The clincher is the latest atrocity. Say you want to work in the White House, or for the Administration. There are several people on the left that are supporters of the Second Amendment. In fact, the only reason the Democrats were able to gain a majority in the House was by running socially conservative “blue dog” Democrats. One of the questions on the “White House Personnel Data Questionnaire” is:

"Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information. Has the registration ever lapsed? Please also describe how and by whom it is used and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage."

First off, only five states of the Union have misguided and unconstitutional registration requirements. However, it is clear that Obama wants to make that questionable tactic, which has led to so much pain and suffering in the past in other parts of the world, the law of the land. Gun owners are clearly second class citizens to Obama, and if he has his way, they will be in the rest of the nation in short order.

It is time that law-abiding firearm owners stop taking these sorts of insults lying down. It is high time we reclaim our liberties and stop allowing the enemies of our Bill of Rights, or national sovereignty, and the freedoms we hold so dear – that so much American blood has been spilled to protect, to walk all over us. In the coming months I encourage every freedom loving American to not give a single inch to those who would shackle us with the chains of slavery in the name of “progress”.

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darrell said...

thats one of the reasons Im selling off my few hi-dollar guns ..hate to have them confiscated..I have taken the same idea as you have here to heart and figure its a matter of not much time before they do find a way to get the guns..the fastest having martial law with the money I got from my AR (which I would cry if it got confiscated) has put money in my pocket and a couple "unregistered" toys in a hideaway place with 200rds ea so far..Im working on my 3rd "saturdaynite special" as I type this..I call them that..but they arent el cheapo guns....just some the obama nazi NCSF wont know about..I will be dammed if Im going to watch these !@#$% washington politicos' get super rich while treating the Constitution as toilet paper ..and not have something to defend my life with when the crime rate soars as more and more ppl become jobless and have to take desperate measures to survive..I spend every spare cent now on extra food mags ammo..and more unregistered guns..maybe I will move to Afghanistan...well not really (but at least they let u keep your guns there)

Fingolfen said...

Honestly at this point I don't think its going to come to confiscation. There are too many gun owners now (and the recent panic has created more). The best course of action IMHO is if the administration tries something like that - simply say "NO". They can't arrest 80 million gun owners. Heck, even if 4 million NRA members got rowdy, that couldn't be stopped either. They can't take our freedom, we can only choose to give it up. I choose not to.