Friday, December 5, 2008

That Didn’t Take Long

No sooner does North Carolina become a “blue state” and the infringement of the Second Amendment begins. The Durham, N.C. city council is backing a law based on an Illinois law that would require a license to purchase ammunition. It’s becoming increasingly clear where the next battle lines in the fight to retain our Second Amendment rights will be drawn. If they can’t ban the firearms, they’ll go after ammunition as a “soft target”.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail in North Carolina, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the extreme left is emboldened by the results of the 2008 general election and draconian firearms restrictions are once again on the table, a scant few months after the landmark Heller ruling.

I quite frankly find it unconscionable that Democratic Party has become a haven for those who would simply shred the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately the “blue dog” Democrats lack the political clout to influence the national party. The next few years promise to be pivotal in terms of firearm and Second Amendment legislation, and this author does not plan on giving a single inch without a fight.

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