Saturday, January 17, 2009

American Rifleman February 2009 Review

My copy of the February 2009 issue of American Rifleman just arrived in my mailbox – lots of good stuff this time. As expected with the inauguration only days away, there is an article dealing with Obama, Biden, and Pelosi’s anti-Second Amendment agenda. Unfortunately there’s nothing really new in the article – but it does represent a very good summary of the tactics the extremists are going to use to try to deny law abiding Americans their rights. The conclusion also has some good advice about what the average citizen can do to protect their rights, including teaching classes and getting more people involved at the grassroots level. Unfortunately at this point, suing some of these politicians for criminal violations of our Civil Rights doesn’t appear to be on the table.

For you Garand collectors, you’ll want to read the “Random Shots” section. Apparently in October of last year there was a very special Garand match – four owners of the early “Gas Trap” M1 Garands participated in a shooting match. Given these early variants of the M1 Garand are rare (only around 50K produced with many converted to the new “gas port” system) and expensive (Lexus anyone???) – you generally don’t even see one, much less four, and much less being shot. Later in the issue, the “Exploded View” feature covers a Winchester M1 Garand.

There’s also an article on the Springfield XD series. It’s hard to believe that this little pistol has only been around for about 10 years. The article details the XD’s history including the new XD(M) series. At this point I have three of these little pistols, two in 9mm one in .45 ACP. I love how these firearms shoot. I’ve found them to be accurate with only moderate recoil in the .45 ACP version.

There’s also a great article on “Carbine” Williams separating the myth from the reality in relation to his role designing the legendary M1 Carbine. The M1 carbine is a great little firearm and it’s always good to see interest in this handy rifle remaining high. If you enjoy reading about the history of the M1 carbine, I’d also suggest the War Baby series of books.

The “I have this old gun . . .” section covers the 2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army revolver. The particular revolver featured was manufactured in 1959 and is given a value of around $1,500. I honestly know next to nothing about these post-war Colts, but I’ve always loved the look of the Single Action Army Revolver. Maybe one of these years . . .

All in all, another great issue of American Rifleman! If you’re not an NRA member and therefore don’t get AR – PLEASE JOIN! As the leading proponent of the Second Amendment, NRA membership is more important now than at any time in the recent past!

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