Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brady Campaign Gets it Wrong Again

As reported earlier , the Brady Campaign not only thinks spike is because people are “stupid” to think that a new anti-gun Obama administration may encroach on the Second Amendment, but that most of the people responsible for that spike are predominantly existing gun owners. Recent information shows the Brady Campaign is wrong on both counts.

According to a recent article at News Times (Connecticut), firearm training classes are filling up at an unprecedented rate. Forest & Field has classes currently booked for several months – and first time gun owners make up a large proportion of the people taking those classes. Other ranges are seeing unprecedented demand for novice level and beginner firearm classes. Honestly this is the best possible news for those concerned about the future of the Second Amendment. An increase in the proportion of the population that owns firearms and values their rights is the best insurance against draconian gun control measures.

A well-informed public that values their Second Amendment rights is the Brady Campaign’s worst nightmare. As responsible gun owners, it is up to us to increase our ranks to ensure that we can never be dismissed as an insignificant minority segment of the population.

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