Sunday, January 4, 2009

Clackamas County Sheriff Believes in Privacy for CHL Holders

As reported earlier, the recent Oregon court ruling that the Jackson County Sheriff would have to release the personal information contained in CHL files has caused a firestorm of controversy across the state. The ruling is under appeal, but as stopgap measures, many county Sheriff’s have been taking matters into their own hands. As I reported on December 16, 2008, Rob Gordon, Washington County’s Sheriff, has refused to hand over the information. Now we can add Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts to the list. He states:

“It is my belief that CHL files should be private and not disclosed. As a general matter, Oregon’s Public Records Law grants every person a right to inspect any public record unless a particular record fits within specific exemptions to public disclosure.”

If you go to his website there is an exemption request Clackamas County CHL holders can fill out to ensure their information is secure until the case is heard on appeal.

Honestly this strong position in favor of CHL holders from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office doesn’t surprise me. Clackamas County has a very strong commitment to CHL and firearms education. They maintain a Public Safety Training Center which is comprised of not only an excellent indoor handgun range, but handgun and self defense classes as well. I’ve shot there several times, and the staff (all Sheriff’s department officers and employees) is professional and firearm owner friendly.

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