Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ensuring the Future of the Second Amendment

Given the current political winds, many people are more concerned than ever with the future of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The recent Heller decision was a landmark reversal of decades of incremental erosion of our Constitutionally affirmed rights, but in general, gun owners have been on the defensive since the Roosevelt Administration. The question on many people’s minds is how do we reverse course?

Our first line of defense is education - educate people about the Second Amendment - get people out shooting. GET ONTO YOUR SCHOOL BOARDS! School boards have a great deal of say over the curriculum in public schools. The only reason kids are being taught a BS "collective right" interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is because we, as Second Amendment proponents, have let them. We look at lawsuits and legal action and other "big picture" items, but we forget that schools are where the rubber hits the road. Now entire generations are being raised with an empirically incorrect view of the Second Amendment. We need to change that. It's not enough to "home school" your kids - that just means that your kids will know what the 2nd Amendment is about, and the rest of the kids will have been spoon-fed the leftist "collective" view... and their votes will outnumber your kids' votes when all is said and done. This, above all other reasons, is why all other efforts have delayed, but not reversed, the incremental abolition of the Second Amendment.

Second, we need to be political activists. Many of us have done a good job of supporting political candidates or even giving money to campaigns, the NRA, GOA, or other pro-Second organizations. How many of us have actually volunteered or worked on campaigns? Our political opponents are very good at staging rallies and protests – why aren’t we doing that? I know in general the Second Amendment is more often than not championed by conservatives, and that conservatives tend not to be big on demonstrations, but honestly I believe we need to rethink that position. We need a "Million Patriot March" with rallies across the United States. We need the organizational power of not only the NRA, GOA, but all of the state Pro-Second organizations on board and actively working to make that happen. It won’t happen without strong organization.

We also need to run for office – start at the local level, but don’t be a "one issue" candidate. Make sure that a pro-Second Amendment message is a strong plank in your platform, but don’t make it the entire platform or you’ll instantly be relegated to the fringe. If you’re not elected, at least you’ll raise awareness. If you are elected, that’s one more voice supporting our right to keep and bear arms in government.

If unconstitutional limits to the Second Amendment are proposed, we need to be vocal in our opposition to them. Write your representatives – even if you know that they’re not going to vote in line with their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. If you don’t write – that’s effectively not saying anything and agreeing with the outcome. If unconstitutional laws are passed, be prepared to challenge them in court. Be prepared for civil disobedience.

Really it comes down to a "back to basics" approach. Our opposition is doing better at the grassroots level. They’ve gotten their questionable ideology installed in schools and other high impact areas. It’s time to take that turf away from them. We have to find a way to separate "gun crime" from "gun control". We all understand that limiting the guns does not in any way limit the criminals, but John Q. Public really doesn’t – at least not in large numbers. We need to take a tough on crime stance while at the same time ensuring the preservation of our Civil Liberties. Until we take back the grassroots, the opposition is going to continue to cut us off at our ankles.

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