Tuesday, January 27, 2009

March 2009 Guns & Ammo Snapshot

Just got my March 2009 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine. On the cover is the new Ruger LCR polymer frame revolver. I’d seen some pictures from the SHOT show featuring this firearm, but details past the picture were scarce. It’s nice to see a full write-up on the pistol. Like many of you, I enjoy polymer framed semi-automatics from Springfield and Glock, but this is the first polymer-framed revolver to hit the market. Coming in at a spritely 13.5 ounces and capable of firing 5 rounds of +P .38 Special, the new Ruger sounds like a concealed carry dream.

Unfortunately for me, that was pretty much the highlight of the issue. The Shooter’s SAT is entertaining as always, but the rest of the articles didn’t really peak my interest as much as in past issues. There’s a “gun notes” article debating the virtues of buckshot. There are a couple of interesting firearms that come up with reader questions in the Gun Room (wartime P.38 and an 1863/64 Springfield), but no pictures, unfortunately.

For those of you that hunt with .270 WSM, there is the mother of all reloading articles on this cartridge. With over 30 different reloading recipes featuring a literally dizzying array of bullets, it’s a great reference. Unfortunately the significance is lost on me because I don’t own a .270 WSM. Big game hunters aren’t left out either with an article on the .370 Sako Magnum cartridge (basically a 30.06 with a thyroid condition) .

For you classic semi-auto sidearm buffs, there’s a neat feature on the FN Model 1900. As a fairly avid C&R guy, this is one of those pistols that I still haven’t decided whether I like or not. I’ve seen a few out for sale, but most of them have been in pretty sad shape, which may be coloring my opinion of the sidearm.

Overall an issue clearly skewed to the traditional hunting side of the equation with less C&R – which is of less interest to me, but probably more interest than a feature on the Type 99 Arisaka would be to a lot of you guys. As with any magazine, you get a package deal – some issues will speak to you more than others. Of course, I am going to have to get my hands on one of those new polymer framed Rugers to see how it feels. I wonder how long before people panic about another “plastic gun”!

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