Thursday, February 26, 2009

AWB Faces Opposition – From Unexpected Quarters!

Looks like AG Holder may have spoken out of turn on the desire of the administration to push for a new so called “assault weapon ban”. The proposed legislation is facing opposition from several sources, and many of them are surprising. The Hill is reporting that Holder never spoke to Speaker Pelosi on any proposed legislation. Pelosi stated:

“On that score, I think we need to enforce the laws we have right now.”

She went on to state that the previous administration didn’t do that, but that seems to be nothing more than partisan rhetoric as firearm laws were followed rigorously during the last administration. Such a statement from Pelosi marks a drastic change from her previous stands on the issue, though I still firmly believe she personally would like to see additional unconstitutional legislation.

Part of the reason for the seeming about face on this issue could be how unpopular the gun control issue has become in the Democratic Party. The only reason the Democrats enjoy their current majority is because of the inclusion of pro-Second Amendment legislators into their ranks. A recent discussion on the Democratic Underground board seems to follow that trend. An “assault weapon” ban doesn’t seem to have any traction in the Party – most correctly see it as useless or an infringement of Civil Rights.

One poster (f the letter) states:

"When i have a right, you (or any organization/body seeking to curtail rights) need to tell me why you can abridge it. It's not the other way around: i don't need to explain to you why i need my rights to free speech or due process, you need to tell me what the cause of trampling them is.

"You could say "Why do you NEED to show up at a protest when it's ineffective?" or "Why do you need the telecommunications companies to not monitor your calls? What do you have to hide?" but they dodge the central issue, which is that we have a right to be at protests, a right to due process in wiretapping, and a right to bear arms."

Quite frankly – I believe there may be hope for America. The best possible result of any controversy around a so-called “assault weapon ban” is to make the Second Amendment a non-partisan issue. As long as only one party is standing up for our rights, our rights are in jeopardy. If there is strong bipartisan support for our rights, then the likelihood of unconstitutional regulations passing is reduced.

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