Friday, February 6, 2009

Gun Bans Don’t Stop When Guns are Gone

I just found this article from down under detailing efforts to ban replica guns in Australia. It not only provides a very chilling insight into the mind of the gun control crowd, but demonstrates the lengths these groups will go through to remake reality in their own image.

The article itself makes no pretense at objectivity starting with its title: “Bin Laden replica terror gun on sale for $880”. The article goes on to describe the AK-47 as a "consecrated Taliban weapon". Of course, one does have to consider that the good people of Australia were effectively forced to turn in their firearms years ago. Looking at the weapon that has started the furor, it is a garden variety AK, no different from the common semi-automatic WASR-10 in the United States. Yet apparently our friends down under exhibit far more delicate sensibilities and the mere object is a source of terror and panic. Some of the more choice quotes from various anti-firearm talking heads:

"Weapons such as this, which is essentially what it is, create fear and apprehension in the community and the police should intervene and confiscate the gun immediately.” – John Crook, Gun Control Australia president

"There's no place for replica firearms in our community. Somebody can walk into a bank with a replica firearm and cause absolute mayhem." – Roland Browne, National Coalition for Gun Control

So apparently in the minds of these individuals, a non-functioning replica is just as dangerous as the real thing. Putting aside the absurdity of that notion for a moment, what other objects with genuine, as opposed to imaginary, potential for harm do they want to restrict? Knives? Swords? Screwdrivers? Hammers? Baseball bats? Fluffy pillows? Furthermore, what is genuinely frightening is that American groups like the Brady Campaign salivate for laws like they see in Australia and the UK.

The fundamental problem with gun control is that it only provides the illusion of safety in the minds of the ignorant or cluelessly idealistic. When the promised gains in safety don’t materialize (many examples in the U.S. show that violent crime goes up, not down, in response to restrictive gun laws), in their minds the problem CAN’T be with the gun control, it “obviously” must mean that the gun control hasn’t gone far enough. Australia now represents the ultimate expression of this logical fallacy – now that the guns are gone, and crime remains high, replica guns and anything else that may be a weapon is targeted. An astute student of history will realize that such a mentality simply results in the law-abiding public being completely disarmed, as they are in much of the industrialized world. A disarmed public is easy prey for criminals, terrorists, and despots the world over.

Though humanity has come a long way in the past few centuries in technology and recognizing basic human rights, humanity’s fundamental nature remains the same. Polite society is only polite as long as it is not unduly stressed. Modern societies are incredibly dependent on continued smooth trade, economic conditions, and environmental conditions. Major disruptions from any of those quarters can result in the quick degeneration of order, and in those situations good people MUST be able to take care of themselves as no police department, no military, or no government can protect everybody. Much of the industrialized world has forgotten this simple fact – I sincerely hope that the United States won’t follow suit, and it won’t if we all remain vigilant!

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Micah said...

Man this type of stuff gets my blood boiling. I just don't understand why politicians refuse to see that increased gun control does NOT reduce crime! Why is that so hard to admit?

Fingolfen said...

Because it challenges their core beliefs - they are convinced in their hearts that firearms are the problem - it's effectively a religion to them...