Friday, February 27, 2009

Maxwell Case Continues to Make Headlines

KATU has reported on Friday’s rally in Salem in support of Jeff Maxwell and his fight against the illegal firearms policy at WOU and other Oregon Universities. No word on the size of the rally, but at least the local news is starting to pick up on this story. There’s an unscientific poll on the site as well asking:

"Should people with a concealed handgun license be allowed to carry a gun on Oregon college & university campuses?"

When I voted on the poll the numbers were:

Yes: 71%

No: 27%

I don't know: 2%

Again, these results aren’t scientific and aren’t necessarily representative, but they are encouraging. This case is starting to get a lot of attention at the state level. I’m hoping that it begins to get some national attention to bring this issue to a head. Our Universities and Schools have been “free fire” zones for too long. Any crazed individual can step onto a campus and know with absolute certainty that he has a target rich area of defenseless victims. The right to self defense does not stop at the door of a University, and it’s time that the University system acknowledges that!

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