Monday, February 23, 2009

Miami-Dade County Wants More Gun Control

In a move that I’m sure will surprise no one, Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners passed two resolutions calling for stricter gun control. A news story linked above on the resolutions is worth reading, if you have a strong constitution, for no reason other than it allows a first hand look into the mentality of the people calling for gun control and the lies they’re willing to tell to move their perverted agenda forward.

Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan was the sponsor of the resolutions, and her views, and her distortion of the facts, are typical of the Anti-Second Amendment community:

“Semiautomatic assault weapons are designed for military purposes and have no legitimate application for hunting or civilian use. Our police officers and residents don’t stand a chance if we allow criminals to get their hands on such powerful firearms.”

How many distortions and lies can you find in that statement?

1) An “assault weapon” is effectively a made up term, but if you want to use it strictly it should refer only to fully automatic or select fire weapons in their original military configuration.

2) While there are many sporting weapons based on military designs, none of these are in their original military configuration as they are incapable of fully automatic fire, burst fire, or select fire.

3) Semi-automatic rifles like the AR, AK-derivates, and SKS can indeed be used for hunting. The AR-15 is, in fact, an amazingly adaptable hunting platform. Many AK variants are good small deer and varmint rifles.

4) Semi-automatic rifles like the AR, AK-derivates, and SKS are excellent self defense weapons – which is a “civilian use” central to the Second Amendment.

5) The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting – it is about self defense and preventing the government from becoming tyrannical and abridging the rights of law-abiding citizens (something they obviously don’t worry about in Miami-Dade County)

6) Firearms which are typically lumped under the “assault weapon” category are low to mid power rifles. Several high caliber handguns, most hunting rifles, and curio and relic semi-automatics like the M1 Garand are far more powerful than the vast majority of so-called “assault weapons”

7) Police have the real thing – they have select fire M4’s, Barrett .50 cal sniper rifles, etc. In short, they outgun anything that’s legal for a law-abiding citizen to own. Interestingly enough the framers didn’t want to see that happen.

8) There are more so-called “assault weapons” in the hands of law-abiding individuals, as well as hunting rifles, and others that out gun a semi automatic Uzi or AK than in the hands of criminals. A well-armed populace is hardly defenseless. Unfortunately restrictive firearm regulations in Miami-Dade County have effectively disarmed the people. If the people were allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights, the situation would quickly reverse.

But hey, it’s nice to see that the demagogues trying to disarm the nation don’t let little things like facts and truth get in the way of their misguided jihad. Unfortunately there is a large segment of the population that still buys their story, and that segment of the population is concentrated in large urban areas. Even in light of the Heller decision, it’s going to take years to reverse the damage done to our rights, and I predict large urban areas will be the last bastions of public disarmament.

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Micah said...

This is a great rundown. Thank you for posting it. There are a few key points you mentioned that are good to remember when talking with someone about the 2nd.

Fingolfen said...

Thanks! We've gotte keep getting the correct information out there... :D

Hunter said...

You are an enemy of the proletariat and will be swept off to a re-education camp as soon as The One is done solving the Bush Economic Problem.


Troy said...

"Semiautomatic assault weapons are designed for military purposes and have no legitimate application for hunting or civilian use. Our police officers and residents don't stand a chance if we allow criminals to get their hands on such powerful firearms."

The twisted logic and ridiculous emotion-mongering behind that statement would actually be funny if it wasn't the view many people now in power held... Makes me worry a bit about my collection. I might want to send another donation to the OFF and the GOA!!

Fingolfen said...

*lol* Good one Lysander!

Troy - OFF, GOA, NRA, make sure they're at the top of your donation list. I'm members of all three (lifetime member of GOA and NRA)

Derek said...

Great article. The next four years are going to put a lot of pressure on the 2nd amendment and we need to keep fighting for our rights. We just wrote an article at Geek Politics about the assault weapons ban that you might be interested in.