Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More on the WOU Concealed Carry Case

There’s a decent write up on the KATU News site about the ongoing controversy around the WOU student, CHL holder, and ex-marine Jeffrey L. Maxwell who was arrested on made-up charges and now faces a disciplinary “hearing” from the University as well. The article briefly mentions Representatives Hanna and Thatcher’s efforts on behalf of Maxwell, and indicate that he has at least some support from the student body as well. Unfortunately, there is also the typical brainwashed anti-Second Amendment knee jerk response from many members of the student body.

Take for example the statement from student Austin Karp-Evans:

"If campus security went through extensive training and they had guns, maybe, but just for the general public to have a license and bring it on campus? I don't think that's right."

I guess WOU must not be teaching the Second Amendment, and I urge Ms. Karp-Evans to go READ it, read its history, read the Heller case, and generally get over her cerebro-rectal inversion. Ms. Karp-Evans clearly holds the value of our Rights as affirmed in the Constitution cheaply, and I’d surmise that she’d be happier in a “gun-free” society where the illusion of safety exists – generally along with strong government control of individuals’ lives (and by the way, the government’s generally well armed in these cases). I’d suggest China – and I’m happy to buy her a plane ticket and pack her bag!

Student TJ Nettles reaction isn’t much better:

"Didn't pull the gun, didn't shoot anybody, but when I found out about it and what happened and it was just 30 feet away from me and I didn't even know about it, I was just in shock."

Shocked! Shocked I say! Dear God people actually can carry firearms and it doesn’t turn them into raving, slobbering lunatics, or maybe he thinks that security just “got to him” before he could cause damage. Unfortunately the latter is probably the more true statement. Sadly, the inherent fear of firearms and therefore people who lawfully own and carry firearms seems to be so deeply engrained in our education system that even starting now it will take years (if not a decade or more) to weed out. Unfortunately the prospects for reversing years of wrong-headed policies in education seem slim for the next several years.

Student Teresa Lucas was one of the few bright spots among the students quoted:

"If somebody went out of their way to get a concealed carry permit, then they went through the safety training, they know guns are a tool like anything else."

I couldn’t have said it better myself – of course Lucas holds a concealed carry permit, though she doesn’t currently carry on University property.

The comments section under the article is refreshingly pro-Second with nearly all of the comments coming down in favor of Maxwell. Apparently the “hearing” is tonight (Tuesday), but I urge everyone to take the time not only to send a little to OFF as detailed in my previous blog entry but to contact your State representatives and contact WOU’s president as well. Be polite, but indicate that his policy is in conflict with state law, and state law trumps his authority as University President. His contact information is:

Dr. John P. Minahan, President
Western Oregon University
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth, OR 97361
or e-mail president@wou.edu

I’m holding out hope that this case may represent a turning point for concealed carry holders in Oregon, but I really wish that Mr. Maxwell hadn’t become a sacrificial lamb because of wrong-headed policies and overzealous police officers.

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DanL said...

I listened to Lars today and Lars interviewed the student, Jeff Maxwell. Jeff is an ex-Marine, a 4.0 student, and a psychology major who is working his way through college. Our daughters, who attend WOU, don't know Jeff but went to his "hearing" tonight to support him. They reported that all legal charges were dropped, but the university's "Student Conduct Committee" expelled him any way. My wife and I are planning to send a contribution to OFF. We are hoping that the lawyer being provided by OFF can help to set these wrongs right. As a dad with 2 daughters at WOU, I'm grateful to someone like Jeff who is legally carrying a concealed weapon, making the campus safer. I'll feel a lot better when he is re-instated!

Fingolfen said...

As a WOU parent - do you have an in to express your outrage of the most recent decision? The University really needs to feel some heat on this one...

DanL said...

I did write Pres. Minihan as a WOU dad and let him know our outrage & disappointment with how WOU has treated Jeff Maxwell. We really like WOU - it's been a great school for our daughters, but they have really been wrong in their treatment of Jeff. A lot of people, including OFF, state reps and the NRA, are lining up to support Jeff - WOU is definitely going to feel heat on this. We also sent our $100 to OFF.

Fingolfen said...

I just re-upped my membership to OFF as well. Mabye WOU will get with the program and rein in some of the BS...

... or have it reined in for them...