Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rally for Maxwell at Oregon Capitol

Wish I’d had more advanced notice of this one, but OFF just emailed an alert that there will be a rally this Friday February 27th starting at noon to highlight the plight of Jeffrey Maxwell. The alert provides the back story regular readers will be familiar with:

"Maxwell, who was falsely arrested on a firearms charge, is still facing unlawful discipline from Western Oregon University even though county DA Butterfield has dropped all charges admitting Maxwell committed no crime. State law prevents WOU (where Maxwell had been a student) from making up their own rules on firearms possession."

The purpose of the rally is to raise awareness about Jeff’s plight and how any lawful firearm owner could be similarly victimized by groups that believe they are above State Law.

Kim Maxwell, Jeff’s brother, sums up the situation nicely:

"Jeff was obeying the law and minding his own business when he was singled out for harassment by campus and Monmouth police. If we allow this kind of treatment to happen to him, anyone could be next."

Anyone who is free should consider attending this rally!

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