Saturday, February 7, 2009

Student Arrested for Fictional Crime

The Oregon Firearms Federation has published a recent alert detailing the plight of a "college student (and Marine Corp veteran) who was falsely arrested at Western Oregon University last week." The problem is, the individual was not committing any crime. According to the alert:

"The student was charged with "possession of a firearm in a public building." The college has barred him from classes and the state has charged him with the same crime. The student was involved in no unlawful activities nor was he engaged in any actions that would discredit a responsible gun owner. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"There is one small problem. The student has a valid Oregon concealed handgun license. He is statutorily exempt from the prohibitions on gun possession in public buildings.

"Apparently neither the college nor the Monmouth Police are acquainted with the law."

The police are supposed to uphold the law, not invent fictional interpretations of the law to persecute law-abiding citizens. I’m really quite sick of lawful firearm owners exercising both their federal Second Amendment rights, and their rights as enumerate under Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution becoming easy targets for officials ignorant of the laws they are allegedly there to protect. These sorts of Gestapo tactics are unconscionable, and quite frankly I’d like to see both the Monmouth Police and the University sued for violating this student and veteran’s civil rights!

The good news, if there is any in this situation, that not only is the Oregon Firearms Federation coming to the individual’s legal defense, but state Representatives Kim Thatcher and Bruce Hanna have joined the defense as well. As OFF points out, this is potentially a very pivotal case for Oregon firearm laws:

"Our foundation filed a lawsuit against the Oregon University System several years ago for the same attack on gun rights, but the court found that since the plaintiff had not been arrested or expelled, they would not consider the case.

"This case is different. The WOU student was singled out and arrested in spite of the fact that he had committed no crime."

OFF is asking for tax deductable contributions to defray the cost of legal expenses in this case. Even though times are tough, every little bit will help as this case has the potential to correct years of bad court decisions in Oregon. I also encourage you to contact your state representative and make them aware of this travesty of justice and ask them to join Representatives Thatcher and Hanna in supporting the real victim in this crime – the falsely accused student!

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