Thursday, February 12, 2009

Updates on the WOU Case

The dust is still settling from the recent travesty at Western Oregon University. KVAL in Eugene has posted a summary story detailing the case. Unfortunately there isn’t a heck of a lot of new information in the article, although it does link to the OFF press release that has a bit more data than the alert on the OFF website. The next step is the decision will be appealed, but there isn’t any word as to when that will happen.

By and large the comments on the story are supportive of Maxwell, but unfortunately there’s one in every crowd. This comment by a poster going by the tag “gardengirl” is particularly ignorant:

“Everyone knows you can't bring guns to school - ANY school - kindergarten through college. People with hidden guns make life more dangerous for everyone, including law enforcement. Leave weaponry to the Police and the military. Keep schools safe.”

Just like Virginia Tech was “safe” when someone ignored the “gun free zone” sign? Sounds like this poster seriously needs to be educated about the Second Amendment or spend some time in a country where the Police and military are the only armed groups and see how much she enjoys it. I’d suggest North Korea. . .

On the main KVAL page there’s one of the rampant unscientific polls asking the following question:

“Should citizens with a permit to carry a concealed handgun be allowed to do so on Oregon college campuses?”

The choices (and the current percentages as of when I voted) are actually pretty interesting:

I'd feel safer knowing people with licenses to carry concealed hanguns are on campus (66%)
I'd feel safer knowing guns aren't allowed on campus, period (13%)
Don't arm students or staff, but do allow security officers to carry firearms (21%)

Again, this isn’t a scientific poll, but the results are somewhat encouraging. I’ll keep posting updates on this pivotal case as I get them.

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