Monday, March 16, 2009

Anti-Second Groups Try to Internationalize the Issue

From Eric Holder to House subcommittees, anti-Second Amendment groups and individuals are trying to use the drug cartel crisis in Mexico as a Trojan horse for a plethora of new gun control measures. By turning the issue into an international crisis, these legislators clearly want to bypass the process and trample on the rights of Americans in the process.

Fortunately the anti-gun voices weren’t the only ones heard, and Arizona Senator Jonathon Paton and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox also testified. Chris’ testimony is available online and is unambiguous and comprehensive. While everyone from the Mexican government down to members of our own administration seem to be bending over backward to blame American gun owners for the problem, the serial numbers of seized weapons haven’t been provided to the BATFE to verify that the United States was even the source of these firearms. Given the firearms included rocket launchers, it is clear that the American gun owner is being scapegoated and that the administration isn’t going to let a “good crisis go to waste.”

Additional House hearings are planned on this issue. Make sure you contact your representatives and tell them as an American who values the Constitution that you won’t stand by and let law-abiding citizens be blamed for the actions of Mexican criminals and drug cartels. In a way this change in focus represents a victory of sorts in American politics – having exhausted may internal targets, the anti-Second crowd is having to go further and further a field in their attempts to dismantle our rights. As always, we can’t let them succeed.

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